Four Tips for Planning for Commercial Flat Roof Refurbishment

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Four Tips for Planning for Commercial Flat Roof Refurbishment

21 June 2021
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If your commercial flat roof has been showing signs of wear and disrepair, plan for immediate refurbishment. In general, flat roofs are tough and durable. However, their appeal and performance will decline over time due to natural wear, exposure to elements and accidental damage. If the structure is not repaired, the minor problems could escalate and cause significant structural compromise. Here are simple tips to remember when planning a commercial flat roof refurbishment.

Inspect the Damage

The extent of damage to your commercial roof will determine the best approach to repair and restoration. Therefore, plan for a thorough inspection of the structure before proceeding with the project. Check the spread of damage on the roof. If the compromised sections are localised, you can plan for simple patching. However, if the damage is spread through the roof, consider the possibility of tearing the old material and replacing the roof. Alternatively, you can roof over the old material and conceal the damage.

Clean the Surface

When planning for commercial roof repair, clear and clean the surface. This process will reveal concealed problems. Moreover, a clean surface will ensure that the repair materials adhere well to the roof. Often, damaged flat roofs have pools of water due to pitch issues. Take note of significant pools of water so that you can plan for levelling. Keep in mind that continued pooling will lead to water ingress and even leakage. Then, dry off the water and sweep off dirt and debris from the roofing.

Acquire Materials

Timely acquisition of repair materials will minimise delays during the refurbishment process. Therefore, determine the required supplies, and choose a qualified seller. The most essential material for managing problems in commercial flat roofs is roofing cement. The cement is ideal for filling in sections with shallows, cracks and holes. Therefore, choose a suitable product from a suitable dealer. If you intend to refurbish the roof for improved appeal, you must acquire the roofing material used in the original construction. The fresh material will be used for resurfacing the roof. Additionally, acquire suitable tools and equipment for the project.

Choose a Roofer

Finally, engage a qualified commercial roofer for the refurbishment work. Roofing repair and restoration can be a complicated process for an unskilled individual. Moreover, the risk of accidents is high when working on roofs. Therefore, choose a contractor with a good background in flat roof installation and refurbishment. Inquire about the qualifications and experience of your preferred roofer. Additionally, discuss their planned approach to restoring your roof before hiring them.